S2E40 - Roadside Barriers, Test Crashes, and Enhancing Safety with Cody Stolle

Nebraska Governance and Technology Center Author
05/12/2022 Added
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How do cities and states decide what roads have rails or barriers? Who designs those? What roadside factors lead to crashes? The researchers who are asking these questions are technologists, engineers, and quite literally life savers. Cody Stolle is a research professor in the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering at the University of Nebraska. He is also a researcher with the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility, part of the Mid-America Transportation Center. He studies, among other things, vehicle impacts, crashworthiness, and occupant safety. Episode Notes: Learn more about the grant the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center gave to Cody’s team to support a project on automated vehicles: https://ngtc.unl.edu/news/teach-me-interview-series-cody-stolle-connected-and-automated-vehicles

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