S2E36 - Cybersecurity and Insuring Your Everyday Life

Nebraska Governance and Technology Center Author
05/04/2022 Added
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Every day it seems cybersecurity is in the news. From data breaches to ransomware to national security, these incidents have become a feature of every day life. And they affect everything from individuals and small businesses to nation-state actors. On this episode we’re joined by Asaf Lubin to help us understand the challenges of cybersecurity generally and, in particular, the role of cybersecurity insurance in addressing some of these concerns. Asaf is an Associate Professor of Law at Indiana University Maurer School of Law and a Fellow at IU’s Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. His research includes the regulation of cybersecurity harms, liabilities, and insurance as well as policy design around governmental and corporate surveillance, data protection, and internet governance.

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