S2E35 - The Great Plains Irrigation Experiment with Rezaul Mahmood

Nebraska Governance and Technology Center Author
05/04/2022 Added
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In this episode Gus talks to Rezaul Mahmood, a professor at the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is also an applied climatologist and the director of the High Plains Regional Climate Center. In 2021, Dr. Mahmood received a supplemental grant from the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center, a program designed to provide supplemental research funding to teams that are already engaged in active internally or externally funded research at the University of Nebraska. These grants encourage researchers developing new technologies to consider potential policy aspects of their research and are meant, in the longer term, to facilitate new interdisciplinary collaborations. Dr. Mahmood’s research conducted in conjunction with his NGTC funding “will comprehensively identify and review academic and industry literature examining connections between policies and impact on land use land cover change LULCC, with a focus on how agricultural policies, RFS and trade agreements may influence LULCC in the agricultural sector of Nebraska. Episode Notes: The Great Plains Irrigation Experiment

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