S2E34 - Flyover Fictions Pt 3: Desert Skin & Microbial Glyphs

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05/04/2022 Added
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In the third episode in this series we again speak with Ash Eliza Smith on their project called “Flyover Fictions,” that pairs scientists with artists to create digital books. For the second half of the episode, Professor Kyle Langvardt sits down with one of these pairs, Joshua Herr and Yasaman Sheri , whose digital project is titled, “Desert Skin & Microbial Glyphs.” This is the final episode in the series that will explore the digital books in the Flyover research platform. Click here to listen to episode 1. Click here to listen to episode 2. Checkout all the projects: https://www.flyoverfictions.com Joshua Herr is a biologist with broad interdisciplinary interests, focused mainly on the genomics and metagenomics of microbial interactions. His main interests center around understanding the symbiosis of mycorrhizal-plant interactions, but he follows interesting research questions where ever they may exist. Josh's research is generally environmental and laboratory studies, although he utilizes computational and bioinformatic techniques heavily. Yasaman Sheri is Designer & Director investigating the creative inquiry of technology and biology. Her research explores interfaces of sensing, perception and aesthetics of simulation. She is an advocate for diversity in technology and builds platforms and tools that support artistic practice in Life Sciences.

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