S2E30 - Flyover Fictions Part 2: Flush

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05/04/2022 Added
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In the second episode in this series we again speak with Ash Eliza Smith on their project called “Flyover Fictions,” that pairs scientists with artists to create digital books. Gus also sits down with one of these pairs, Andrea González Garrán and Shannon Bartelt-Hunt , whose digital project is titled, “Flush.” This is the second episode in a series of 3 that will explores the digital books in the Flyover research platform. Click here to listen to episode 1. Checkout all the projects: https://www.flyoverfictions.com Shannon Bartelt-Hunt is professor and department chair in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNL. She is an environmental engineer whose work focuses on the occurrence and effects of contaminants in agricultural systems. Andrea González Garrán is a designer with a background in architecture and a strong focus in editorial innovation, experimental publishing, physical and online platforms and cross media formats. Her research focuses on spatial politics, infrastructure and landscape in a playful manner.

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