Open for Business with Peggy Meyer, Field Pocket

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04/29/2022 Added
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“Open for Business: A Nebraska Women in Agriculture Agripreneurship Series” is a monthly webcast series that highlights the entrepreneurial spirit of women in agribusiness from across the state, offering creative insights and the stories behind what it takes to build a business. This episode is presented in collaboration with the Nebraska Extension Digital Agriculture team's FarmBits podcast. Peggy Meyer, of Superior, Neb., is a farmer's wife, mother to six, mental health therapist, and co-founder of Field Pocket, a harvest solution software. In the fall of 2020, Meyer was sitting at her kitchen table, buried in scale tickets and settlement sheets, trying to figure out if they had been paid for all of the grain they had just harvested. Frustrated, she sat down and typed out all the things a software would need to do. Those included tracking grain from the field to the elevator; manage, organize and link related paperwork; and easily produce reports showing how many bushels, along with the dollar amount income, per field. Last year, Meyer began using Field Pocket and now wants other farm families to have the same peace of mind that they have been paid for all of their hard work, so they can pass on to future generations the most rewarding job — feeding the world.

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