SDG #13 Climate Action: Local Expert George Burba

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04/27/2022 Added
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In our second expert session for the SDG Scholars Program, we present George Burba, speaking to Goal #13 Climate Action. Burba is a Science & Strategy Fellow at LI-COR Biosciences/Battery Ventures Group, a Global Fellow at Daugherty Water for Food Institute, a Senior Member of the National Academy of Inventors, and a Graduate Adjunct Professor at the University of Nebraska. A bio-atmospheric scientist and experienced research innovation leader, Burba holds 12 patents in the US and internationally in 40+ countries, with 11 on successfully commercialized technology, devices, and methods. He has written over 400 publications, including 9 books, and over 120 refereed scientific publications, among his many accomplishments. With global experience but deeply knowledgeable about the Nebraska context, he was able to share an insightful look at carbon sequestration and emissions in Nebraska and how we can keep taking action on climate.

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