About Page Layouts in the UNL CMS

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01/27/2011 Added
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This video explains the cryptic language behind the WDN page layouts, and how to apply them in the UNL CMS.

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  • Video doesn't show "how" to insert the layout. It only talks about the actual layouts you can select. Doesn't show you how to put text into the layout. Also, would like to see "placeholder" options shown in how-to. What are those for?
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    Shari Weiss Shanks
    09/06/11 3:22 pm

  • Apparently my CMS wasn't working (probably my computer...ID10T error!) Wasn't showing some of the things related to comment above. Working now and all is obvious!
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    Shari Weiss Shanks
    09/06/11 4:01 pm

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