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01/26/2011 Added
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  1. Locate the video to embed from the UNL Media Hub.
  2. Under the video, locate and click the Embed link. Should be on the right side in the About this Media box.
  3. Click the code to select it in the pop-up window and copy it (CTRL+C or CMD C)
  4. Click the X to close the window and return to the Media Hub video page.
  5. Navigate to the CMS page where you want to place the video and click the Edit tab.
  6. In Editor field (under the Body section) select HTML
  7. In the Body field, click to place the cursor in desired location for the video to appear and paste the copied code (CTRL+V or CMD V).
  8. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
  9. Reload the page by clicking on the View tab to see your web page with the embedded video.

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