Episode 053: NUtrack Animal Behavior Monitoring

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11/18/2021 Added
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In this episode we are joined by Dr. Ty Schmidt, Associate Professor of Animal Science and graduate student Haley Beer to discuss an innovative use of artificial intelligence-linked camera sensors and their use in monitoring animal behavior. The NUtrack system was developed at the University of Nebraska. This technology is used to generate behavioral baselines customized to individual animals with the goal of detecting deviations that could help with early identification of disease. As a hands-off monitoring system, NUtrack is ideal to track behavior without the confounding effects of human presence. Ty Schmidt Contact: Ty Schmidt email: ty.schmidt@huskers.unl.edu Haley Contact: Haley email: hbeer2@huskers.unl.edu FarmBits Contact Information: E-Mail: farmbits@unl.edu Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEDigitalAg Micah Twitter: https://twitter.com/micah_most Micah LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/micah-m-0a295a16a/ Asya contact: amacon2@huskers.unl.edu Opinions expressed by the hosts and guests on this podcast are solely their own, and do not reflect the views of Nebraska Extension or the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

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