Episode 052: Precision Tillage with EarthOptics

Nebraska Extension Digital Agriculture Author
11/11/2021 Added
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Seeing below the soil surface is often impossible with our own eyes, but EarthOptics is bringing innovative technology to aid in making decisions on what is actually below the surface pertaining to soil compaction, fertility, and organic matter. Todd Martin, Co-Founder & CCO of EarthOptics, joins this episode of FarmBits to discuss how EarthOptics is using ground precision and innovation to improve knowledge for growers and users in the soil space. As a new company, EarthOptics is performing with advanced technologies and services to improve soil health, yield, and savings. With multiple products like GroundOwl, TillMapper, and C-Mapper, EarthOptics is utilizing sensors and machine learning to evaluate the long term value of overcoming soil compaction. Carbon credits are opening new revenue streams in which they are also assisting in helping growers track carbon sequestration for future marketing of carbon. Todd has an extensive background and knowledge base that created EarthOptics and shared with us in this episode.

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