Open for Business with Kelsey Patton, The Fiber Mill (Nov. 9, 2021)

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Kelsey grew up on a small farm in Nebraska, near the Swedish town of Stromsburg. She began sewing for her dolls at the age of six, and was ecstatic to receive an old-fashioned treadle sewing machine for Christmas at the age of eight. She also learned to knit (incorrectly) that year, began quilting at the age of nine, crocheting at age ten, sewing clothing at age twelve, and knitting (correctly, in the Scandinavian style) at age thirteen. She and her mother bought their first Icelandic sheep and spinning wheel when she was 15, and a loom shortly after. Since then, Kelsey has been spinning and weaving as a hobby and business, sometimes in the traditional Scandinavian way, sometimes in fun, new, and modern ways. About 4 years ago, she began the process of opening her own wool mill, The Fiber Mill, in downtown Stromsburg. After three years of planning and research, The Fiber Mill finally opened September of 2020. The Fiber Mill handles wool processing from all over the United States, turning wool and other fibers into yarn, roving and felt. Kelsey lives in Stromsburg with her husband, Philip, and son Hans.

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