S2E10 - Constitutional Law, the Internet, and Cybersecurity: A Special Meet the Faculty Episode

Nebraska Governance and Technology Center Author
10/07/2021 Added
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This episode of the podcast is a little different from the rest. We’re featuring two special segments exploring the work of two members of our faculty, Professor Kyle Langvardt, who specializes in constitutional law, and also our own center director and usual host, Professor Gus Hurwitz. These segments were recorded for Faculty 101, a University of Nebraska–Lincoln podcast that offers a listen into the pursuits and perspectives of Husker faculty, hosted by Mary Jane Bruce. In his segment, Kyle talks about the complex issues related to free speech and governance of social media, and why it’s important for students and universities to study them. Gus Hurwitz shares his perspective on current challenges to cybersecurity, and the mission of the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center.

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