Why does "global" matter to a Husker? (Pt. 1), featuring CASNR Alumna Cicely (Batie) Wardyn

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09/14/2021 Added
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Our first event of our Fall 2021 series focused on how global experiences can give you an edge in the job market, featuring CASNR Alumna Cicely (Batie) Wardyn, who recently was named assistant director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. Cicely shared about how her global experiences have prepared her for success in her role, plus CASNR Director of Career Development Julie Bray-Obermeyer spoke on how you can effectively showcase your global experience on your resume or in an interview. Whether you are interested in global careers that take you physically around the world, or if a Nebraska/U.S. position that has global elements is more your aim, this video can help frame your exploration!

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