Open for Business with Sherry Jarvis, Heart in Your Hand Horsemanship - May 11, 2021

Nebraska Women in Agriculture Author
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Sherry Jarvis from Burwell, NE started Heart in Your Hand Horsemanship in 2003, training horses and teaching horsemanship clinics across the country. She decided she wanted to stay home more often so she built Horse Lover’s Bunkhouse where guests can bring their own horses or lease the ranch horses for lessons and trail rides. With access to over 100,000 acres in the beautiful sandhills the trails are peaceful and scenic with no roads or power lines, just cattle, coyotes, deer, birds, and lots of frogs along the natural lakes. Sherry is also an inspirational speaker mostly for Christian women’s groups and churches. She is an author. Her first book is Win Your Horse’s Heart and she is currently working on finishing a couple more. Since Sherry is a retired school teacher she still loves teaching and in 2021 created an online coaching program for women in the 2nd half of life to help slow down premature aging by phasing out things from diet, lifestyle and thinking which accelerate aging.

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