Understanding the How and Use of NASS Cattle Reports

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With: Nick Streff, USDA NASS, and Elliott Dennis, UNL Agricultural Economics Join Nick Streff, director of the USDA NASS Northern Plains Regional Field Office, for an in-depth look at cattle reports produced by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, including Cattle on Feed and Cattle Inventory surveys. The Cattle on Feed report, which provides estimates of the number of cattle being fed a ration of grain, silage, hay and/or protein supplements for the slaughter market that are expected to grade select or better. Cattle Inventory reports are issued in January and July. They provide estimates of the number of breeding animals for beef and milk production as well as the number of heifers being held for breeding herd replacement. Estimates of cattle and calves being raised for meat production are also included, along with the number of calves born during the previous year.

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