Regulating the Final Frontier: The Role of Law in Innovative Space Activities - Why is law important to space?

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03/02/2021 Added
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In this presentation hosted by UNSW Canberra, Elsbeth Magilton, Executive Director for Technology, Security, and Space Law Initiatives, University of Nebraska, and host, Duncan Blake, from UNSW Canberra, discuss the role of law in innovative space activities and why the humanities, ethics, and the law are vital to space exploration and industry development. Meet the speaker: Elsbeth Magilton is the executive director of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s space, cyber and telecommunications law programs, where she focuses on commercial space law and policy, cybersecurity and cybercrime and national security. She also advises on national and international legislation for cyber and space policy—including the commercialization of space. Additionally, she is the university law college’s principal investigator for projects serving the U.S. Strategic Command’s University Affiliated Research Center—the only such center in the Department of Defense to include a law school in their research partnerships. Magilton is working with NASA to develop a space law pilot program to create a nationwide network of students, faculty, and practitioners interested in space law and policy.

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