21. Engagement in the Asia-Pacific and What’s Next for U.S. Trade Policy

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11/17/2020 Added
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How the U.S. should engage in the Asia-Pacific region will be high on the trade policy agenda for the incoming Biden administration. Wendy Cutler, Vice President of the Asia Society Policy Institute, draws on her long career as a U.S. trade negotiator to explain what’s at stake in the region, what the future may hold for U.S.-UK and U.S.-Kenya trade negotiations now underway, and how CPTPP member countries view the potential return of the United States to the agreement. She also discusses what a presidential transition looks like from inside USTR and offers steps the U.S. government could take to gather more input from Americans on trade policy.

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Show Notes:
Reengaging the Asia Pacific on Trade: A TPP Roadmap for the Next U.S. Administration by Wendy Cutler

What Wendy is reading:
Press Conference by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe March 15, 2013

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