Rural Measures: Visualizing the Rural-Urban Digital Divide | The Digital Divide Series for Tech Refactored++

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11/16/2020 Added
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These sessions are highly technical and the conversation is specific to the research projects being presented. Another upcoming episode will bring guests together to discuss the Digital Divide more generally in America. The rural digital divide is one of the most pressing, and difficult to solve, public policy issues in America today. Our Center’s ongoing work brings together experts from around the country that have been involved in digital divide policy, to discuss the challenges and potential solutions to this problem. Last spring we supported several research projects that were ultimately delayed by COVID-19. Instead of the roundtable discussion we planned to hold together in person last April, we met virtually this October and that session has been cut down for this podcast. The Digital Divide series of Tech Refactored episodes will share those discussions with the world, starting with a research team from right here in Nebraska. These episodes will include short presentations from the authors and Q&A from the other project authors. In this roundtable session Tim Obermier and Angela Hollman discuss their project, "Rural Measures: Visualizing the Rural-Urban Digital Divide" and gathering data directly from households to measure internet use in central Nebraska. Roundtable participants include Sarah Oh, Matt Larsen, David Reed, Michael Kotrous, Brent Skorup, Brian Whitacre, Roberto Gallardo, and Will Rinehart.

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