Sites and Sounds of MicroRNA160 in Soybean Roots and Nodules Revealed by Quantitative Imaging

SENTHIL SUBRAMANIAN, Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator, South Dakota State University Author
10/12/2020 Added
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A precise balance between the actions of major plant hormones auxin and cytokinin are crucial for proper nodule development in soybean. microRNA160 plays a crucial role in achieving this balance. To determine cell type-specific changes in auxin-cytokinin balance, we mapped auxin and cytokinin outputs in soybean roots and nodules with reduced microRNA160 levels using quantitative 3-dimensional imaging. We also evaluated transcriptomes of soybean roots with reduced microRNA160 levels. Our results identified specific root and nodule zones where microRNA160 affects auxin-cytokinin balance and pathways acting downstream of this regulatory module.

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