16. A Closer Look: Nebraskans on U.S. Foreign Policy

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06/01/2020 Added
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Salman Ahmed, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and project editor of a new report on Nebraskans’ views of foreign policy, discusses the report takeaways—including what surprised him most about Nebraska. The project was designed to test assumptions about how U.S. foreign policy interacts with the economic wellbeing of the middle class and bring heartland voices to a debate that is typically influenced by coastal cities. He also discusses possible ways to better integrate the economic experience of American citizens into the foreign policymaking process. Opinions expressed on Trade Matters are solely those of the guest or host and not the Yeutter Institute or the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Show Notes:

U.S. Foreign Policy for the Middle Class: Perspectives from Nebraska, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the University of Nebraska

Nebraskans Support Trade But Trust in Media and Washington is Low by Jill O'Donnell

System Maker and Privilege Taker: U.S. Power and the International Political Economy by Michael Mastanduno

Failure to Adjust: How Americans Got Left Behind in the Global Economy by Edward Alden

The Great Exception: The New Deal and the Limits of American Politics by Jefferson Cowie

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