The Next Generation of Scientific Research: Convening Global Perspectives through Fulbright

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04/29/2020 Added
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International exchange has been a driving force in creating peace and understanding in our world for decades, but also for spurring innovation and encouraging the development of bright minds from around the world. In this seminar, we heard from three accomplished international graduate students who made their way to Nebraska via Fulbright programs. They discussed their fascinating paths from their home countries to the U.S., shared about their Nebraska experience, and what the future holds for them in their varied areas of research. Panelists: – Gabriela Palomo-Munoz, PhD candidate in natural resources (applied ecology) & graduate teaching assistant from Guatemala. – Agustín Olivo, masters student in mechanized systems management & graduate research assistant from Argentina. – Kikki Rizki Amalia, masters student in statistics from Indonesia.

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