Webinar: COVID-19 Economic Developments and U.S. Agriculture with Nathan Kauffman, Kansas City Fed (April 16, 2020)

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Nathan Kauffman, branch executive, vice president and economist with The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Omaha branch.. This webinar will provide an update on recent national and regional economic developments connected to COVID-19 and implications for U.S. agriculture. Prior to mid-February, many regions and industries appeared to be on solid economic footing with strong labor markets and steady investment activity. In the weeks that followed, however, economic activity dropped sharply alongside developments related to COVID-19. All segments of the economy have been affected to varying degrees, including agriculture. The goal of this webinar is to share recent information on these developments, and policy responses that have been implemented, that will be relevant for businesses, communities, and individuals in Nebraska. The first in a series of webinars focusing on COVID-19's impact on Nebraska agriculture produced by the Department of Agricultural Economics' Farm and Ranch Management Team. Find out more at https://farm.unl.edu.

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