FDST 951 - Advanced Food Science Seminar 4/6/20 (1)

Rhaisa A. Crespo Author
04/06/2020 Added
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Effect of interventions at a farm level on the reduction of sporeformer organisms in fluid milk.

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  • Good job and an interesting seminar! Do you know if any of your farms/farmers will continue using the beneficial interventions now that the study is over?
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    Heather Hallen-Adams
    04/06/20 4:34 pm

  • Hi Dr Hallen-Adams, yes they have! A few years back when we did Teat Dip Brand 1 in Farm A, they switched to that one for, maybe about a year. More recently, Farm A is using Teat Dip Brand 3, which was the one where we saw promising results in sporeformers reduction. They mentioned that they were going to stick with this one since they are also seeing a considerable reduction in somatic cell count. Thank you so much for your comment and question.
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    04/08/20 3:11 pm

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