Sara Schroeder wins $50 of Dean Manderscheid's money!

Author: Mike O'Connor
Added: 04/14/2011
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Sara Schroeder is a runner-up in the Win Dean Manderscheid's Money contest!

The contest asked students to submit their answer to: "What could Dean Manderscheid learn from your favorite assignment?"  

She answered:  "Each week in my Eng376 class, we are assigned rhetorical topics to analyze, which range anywhere from love to politics. We then write a one page declamation persuading our ideas. Dean Manderscheid would learn the importance of rhetoric through writing declamations. He would learn the art of persuasion and be trained to align his skills with the great historical rhetoricians such as Socrates and Plato. Lastly, he would know how to effectively analyze and navigate an argument to his own advantage."  The Dean thought he could learn a lot from that assignment, so he selected her answer, from over 75 entries, as a runner up and winner of his money! 

Dean Manderscheid visited her English 376:  Rhetoric:  Argument and Society class and presented her with $50! 

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